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Fringe Benefit Rate Increasing
  The fringe benefit rate used in budgeting for sponsored projects is
  expected to increase to 54.74% on September 1, 2014.  In
  anticipation of the increase, OSPA staff will be advising principal
  investigators and will use the new rate on all new proposals. The
  new rate, once approved by the Department of Health and Human
  Services, will apply to existing and new awards.

  OSPA staff have been encouraging PIs to budget modest increases
  in the fringe rate in multi-year proposals for the past several months,
  to try to mitigate the impact of the expected increase.

  Questions about the rate, and the rate approval process, can be
  directed to Wayne Glass,

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FY2014 STATS through the month of June 2014

• 555 Proposals have been submitted representing $151.1 million in
  requested funding.

• 418 Awards received to date representing $61.6 million in funding.

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